Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

  • FD-50L bulk loading freeze dryer(lyophilizer), 500kgs,48.6m2
  • FD-50L bulk loading freeze dryer(lyophilizer), 500kgs,48.6m2
FD-50L bulk loading freeze dryer(lyophilizer), 500kgs,48.6m2FD-50L bulk loading freeze dryer(lyophilizer), 500kgs,48.6m2

FD-50L bulk loading freeze dryer(lyophilizer), 500kgs,48.6m2

  • Useable trays area: 48.6sq.m
  • Ice capacity: 600kgs
  • Shelves number: 18+1
  • Shelf size: 1800*1500mm
  • Product description: FD-50L with 500kgs industrial heavy duty loading capacity could universal use for milk,yogurt,diary and other fluid products' high quality vacuum freeze drying.

FD-50L Lyophilizer Description

FD-50L bulk production Lyophilizer is conductive Freeze Dryer product, stainless steel material and fixed shelves mainly use for fluid products lyophilization process in pharmaceutical and biological, per batch could freeze dried about 500L to 600L raw material.

Technical Parameters



Useable trays area


Ice capacity


Shelves number


Shelf size


Shelf spacing


Material tray size


Material trays


Shelf temperature

-50℃ to +70℃

Ice Condenser temperature


Vacuum degree


Power install


Install size


Vials capacity

φ22 >110000pcs

Technical Features

1.   Modular system.

2.   AISI304 as main material, drying chamber, shelf and material tray, meet FDA standard, AISI316L optional for rigorous requirement.

3.   Double stage Piston compressor system could cool ice condenser to -80℃ and shelves to -50℃.

4.   Exclusive shelves inner structure, a higher energy efficient and temperature balance system, During sublimation period, shelf temperature could programming from -50℃ to +70ºC with accuracy of ±1ºC.

5.   Leybold or Edwards vacuum system, final vacuum <1Pa.

6.   Pneumatic system for valves quick open/close.

7.   lyophilization machine Vapor guidance technology and ice condenser design, strong guarantee ice condenser icing efficient and capacity.

8.   30% power saving technology.

9.   LYO-CONTROL combine PLC+Touch Screen+PC control system.

With customized parts or function, the Freeze Dryer technical features maybe a little change.


Among all the freeze dryer(lyophilizer) provider in the industry, Huayu Brother® provide you the most reliable and power saving freeze drying equipment with advanced technology, which could help you get better dried products quality with less power consumption.

Unique Advantages of Huayu Brother freeze dryer/lyophilizer:

LYO freeze dryer, lyophilizer, request a higher performance among all types freeze drying equipment, except the success lyophilization, the process need rapid temperature, vacuum raise/reduce to meet pharmacy process requirement and dried products quality, The equipment design also need consider many other aspect such as CIP (cleaning in place), SIP (sterilize in place), reliability, cGMP sanitary class etc. HUAYU BROTHER® as a professional LYO freeze dryer supplier and manufacturer in China, provide you the most reliable equipment with advanced technology, economic price and complete support from design, fabrication, assembly, testing and installation.

Modular design, Integrated structure, High performance

Modular designed freeze dryer always benefit a lot from its rapid delivery, quick install, easy maintenance, or upgrade in future if need, the machine with high advanced controller system that combine PLC + touch screen +PC, as well, internet connection, mobile control, global (machine working status) monitor system as optional.

Most strict quality control system.

All pharmaceutical freeze dryer, lyophilizers manufacturing by Huayu brother under the highest quality level, whatever its small pilot production range or industrial bulk production models, from design, parts and models selection, assembly, fabrication, testing to shipping, installation considerations. Huayu Brother do our best and offer worry free services.

Details cause success.

Only world first class brand parts with right model select will install in our freeze freezer, a strong quality guarantee of the lyophilization process stable and reliable. With delicate design of the protection system, make sure no freeze drying failure cause by parts failure or even the parts failure will not pollute or destroy raw material.

High advanced LYO controller.

Simple operate but versatility LYO-CONTROL (PLC+Touch screen+PC control system), fully automatic lyophilizer manufacturer process, in PC software or touch screen (in freeze dryer side) could all sides show entire machine working status as well as the freeze-drying data online check or export.

More than just a machine

Huayu Brother Freeze dryer,lyophilizer, pharmaceutical lophilization machine for sale,China supplier and manufacturer.From components model select, pipes or cables circuit till safety precautions, we consider more of efficient, performance, beautiful, compact than just build a machine.

About Us

Huayu Brother is a profession Freeze Dryer and Lyophilizer Manufacturers & Suppliers in china. We focus on refrigeration and sublimation equipment, with passion and innovation, we provide a wide range of high quality freeze drying equipment for lab, pilot production, commercial and industrial process, in various fields include food, fruit, vegetables, diary, pharmaceutical, biological and chemical.

In the past tens years, Huayu Brother always be pioneer in the industry: Develop new technologies, invest high advanced processing machines, upgrade our craftsmanship etc. improve our equipment reliability, stability and a higher energy performance.

Here in Huayu Brother, we have an experienced engineer team, close work with you and provide you the best quality Freeze Dryer equipment or freeze drying plant, integrated solutions for your freeze drying needs.

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