Freeze dryer model select

Freeze Dryer and Lyophilizer based on its using area could divide to 4 series: lab research, pilot production, industrial pharmaceutical and food production Freeze Dryer and Lyophilizer.

Lab research freeze dryer:

Mostly is benchtop design with compact size, many external devices optional to achieve more function, the shelves area mostly 0.1sq.m to 0.5sq.m.

Pilot production freeze dryer:

Prepare for commercial and industrial production, its controller and features are very close to industrial models, shelves area could from 1sq.m to 5sq.m.

For industrial process freeze drying equipment with larger size and more functions, and almost all of them are customized specs to fit user demand, model select need consider more aspects here are some key points and references:

Food freeze dryer:

1, Heaviest water load from material? need less than ice condenser capacity.
2, Shelves area need in m2? could roughly calculate by (expect input capacity) divide (raw material weight in 1m2, material thickness in tray suggest <20mm).
3, Stainless steel or carbon steel drying chamber? Stainless steel or aluminum trays and shelves?
4, Material trays loading method? By overhead monorail or floor type trolley?
5, Shelves freezing function need?

Pharmaceutical lyophilizer:

1, Lowest temperature for ice condenser and shelves, temperature reduce rate?
2, Bulk loading or stoppering?
3, Shelves total m2 request and distance between shelves?
4, CIP, SIP or not?
5, Internal condenser or external condenser?
6, Isolation valve between drying chamber and ice condenser?
7, Stainless steel 304 or 316L?
8, Oil sealed pump or dry pump?


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