How to successful freeze dried any products you want by use a vacuum freeze drying equipment?

Freeze Dryer(also liofilizer) is multipurpose machine could drying thousands products, include eatable (food,fruit,meals,diary etc.), biological and pharmaceutical (bacteria, drugs, API, cosmetics raw material etc.), collections (documents, books, animal specimen etc.), chemical and many other material.


Among all the application, pharmaceutical and biological are the first area use freeze drying or lyophilization process, now is very widely use also, as the technology progress and machine upgrade, the process running cost is reduce, more and more company have try introduce this technology to food area, now people could enjoy delicious food with freeze dried method, and the demand is increasing, to follow market demand, Huayu Brother have developed a series food vacuum Lyophilizer dryer machine from 10kgs to 2000kgs for sale, also could use several machines parallel to large plant.

Although the principle of lyophilization is different, but due to different brands machine structure and function different the freeze drying process is different, here we will indicate our machine working chart and diagram.

Process Food products with freeze drying, lyophilization or liofilizador method.

1, Freezing

After raw material go through pre-treatment plant, need load trays and thoroughly freezing to solid phase.

Freezing stage is the insurance of dried products’ physical shape. If you want dried products with nice appearance such as self-designed shape, so you need prepare it when loading trays and consider will not out of shape in freezing period.

As well as the freezing need complete, freezer temperature need lower than material’s eutectic point.

> FD-1R to FD-20R, shelves have freezing function, the freeze dry machine support put (fresh fruit) in and take (dried fruit) out, freezing and drying in drying chamber, the process will be full automatic as per recipe setting till drying finish.

> FD-20R to FD-60R, stainless steel shelves & trays version and aluminum alloy shelves & trays version optional:

Stainless steel version, the trays load by manual, shelves have freezing function to -30C.

Aluminum alloy version, trays load by overhead monorail or floor trolley, shelves temperature from RT to +120C. The freezing process will be done in one external freezer room and then move to drying chamber start drying stage.

2, Primary drying.

After frozen material send to drying chamber, door close and operate controller start lyophilization, the drying is start, at first several hours the vapor sublimation speed is slowly, as the shelves temperature raise the sublimation is speed up, in this stage >95% water could be remove.

In this stage gradually and proper increase the shelves temperature could speed up the sublimation, but too much energy supply may cause glass transition.

3, Secondary drying.

Secondary drying process lasting less time than secondary drying, but it need higher temperature and vacuum, because in this stage mainly remove adsorption water which need more energy to escape.

4, Shelves temperature reduce

After secondary drying, 1-2hours temperature reduce is necessary, you could check controller, the raw material temperature is same with shelves setting temperature, means the material have success liofilized, could ready harvest.

Mostly secondary drying temperature could set up to 70C, harvest material at this temperature raw material is easy to moisture by environment, and it cannot be packing. To create dried products harvest condition, and as soon harvest could packing, the shelves need reduce its temperature to 30C around.

Freeze drying recipe for reference:

+10C    60min

+30C    120min

+50C    600min

+30C    120min

5, Dried material harvest.

Freeze Dryer workshop need proper control its temperature and moisture to ensure dried material quality stability, rapid send to packing line.

6, Ice condenser defrosting.

7, Tray and drying chamber cleaning (if need)

8, Tray loading.


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