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Difference between home freeze dryer China and commercial freeze dryer

Difference between home Freeze Dryer and lab or commercial Freeze Dryer

When people search for a freeze dryer, different brand and Manufacturers price is big different, even a model capacity is very close, but price may be times different, especially between lab model and home model, why and what’s the differences?  Here are some key information:


Home version mainly for freeze drying food for preservation in small volume.

Lab freeze dryers are used to preserve samples for storage or to change the state of the sample for testing/research. The material cover wide range, food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, documents, blood, diary etc.

Size,Capacity and Structure

Home freeze dryers mostly is smaller capacity between 1kg to 5kg. Table top structure.

The request of a home freeze dryer Lyophilizer is not really high, technical indicator and configuration trend to economic, the build is as simple as possible, many parts and functions exist in lab/commercial Lyophilizer is no need install.

On opposite, a lab or smaller commercial model freeze dryer, could be smaller table top type or could be larger floor type, capacity 1kg to 10kgs. And to fit uncertain raw material, it design need consider all possible problems, the design and technical request need more strict, also need consider aspect such as the shelves and condenser temperature, vacuum degree, shelves and condenser temperature reduce/raise efficiency etc. also need provide optional function such as isolation valve, stoppering, flask holder, dry pump, intelligent controller(LYO-Control), data recorder, PC control etc. Which means lab/small commercial lyophilizer is customized.

Temperature and vacuum

Temperatures, vacuum degree, and the time need to reach target parameter is one of the noteworthy character between. For home freeze dryer, its shelves mostly without freezing function, and condenser temperature mostly between -20C to -30C. Vacuum reach 50Pa is enough and need longer time.

Lab/commercial model shelves mostly need combine heating and freezing function, and temperature request -50C to +70C, with raising/reduce efficienty >1C/min, condenser could be -55C or -85C, even -120C to fit some special chemical material, and condenser temperature need reach -40C within 60min or faster. Vacuum have to <5Pa.


Obviously the home freeze dryer consider economic, many parts are omissible compare lab and floor model lyophilizer. Its price may times lower than professional lab/floor model freeze dryer.


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