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FD-20R Freeze dryer/lyophilization equipment China economic price


FD-20R is a commercial Freeze Dryer design and produce under FDA, could use for almost all edible products vacuum freeze drying, multi apply to food, fruit, vegetables, meals, herbs, coffee, soup etc.

Available shelf area 20.6sq.m and ice capacity 250L in 24hrs, per batch could handle MAX 250L liquid or 200kgs solid products, FD-20R also is an put in and take out Freeze Dryer, the shelves have freezing function, temperature as low as -40C, put fresh products in, set freeze drying curve, start machine, and dried products out.

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l Drying House could be rectangular or cylindrical.

l Shelves and trays could be stainless steel or aluminum.

Technical Details:



Shelf area


Ice capacity




Shelf size


Material tray size


Material tray quantity


Shelves temp.

-40 to +120ºC

Condenser temp.


Vacuum degree


Power install


Drying House Size




Design standard


Technical Details:

l Integrated structure, open type mechanical system.

l Stainless steel 304 material for drying house, ice condenser and trays. Aluminum alloy optional.

l Insulated drying house and ice condenser, a higher energy efficient. Drying house shape could be economic price cylindrical or higher energy efficient/space using rate rectangular.

l Bitzer double stage compressor system could cool ice condenser to -60ºC and shelves -40ºC.

l Hollow shelves with fluid filled, temperature raise by electric heater, During sublimation shelf temperature could programming from -40ºC to +70ºC with accuracy of ±1ºC.

l All temperature probe use high quality PT100-A, precision control temperature.

l Leybold vacuum pump system final vacuum <1Pa.

l Anti-frozen glass window installed in front door, side drying chamber, and side ice condenser, convenient check drying house condition.

l Safety hand lock door.

l PLC + Touch screen controller.

l Pneumatic system for valves quick open or close.

l Vapor guidance technology and ice condenser design, strong guarantee ice condenser icing efficient and capacity.

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