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BFD-50P lyophilization freeze dryer for sale


BFD-50P floor model freeze dry machine (Lyophilizer) target for small scale material pilot lyophilization production, its unique configurations: shelves module have 4 plates and 4pcs trays at 360*480mm at -50C to +70C, 10L vapor collector capacity at -80C, 1Pa final vacuum degree, AISI304 or AISI316L could application to many products in pharmaceutical, edible food, biological, bacteria etc. With external hydraulic station, flask holder, it also could meet more investigation or research purpose.

BFD series freeze drying machine combine many features of industrial Freeze Dryer, especially the professional and versatility LYO-CONTROL system is the HIGHLIGHT part, the system combine PLC+PC, computer and mobile control could achieve by software.

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Technical Details:


BFD-50P (TP optional)

Shelf area


Ice capacity




Shelf size


Material tray size


Material tray quantity


Shelves temp.

-50ºC to +70ºC

Condenser temp.


Vacuum degree


Power install








Design standard


Technical Details:

l     Integrated structure design.

l     AISI 304 material, strong guarantee dried product quality. Stainless steel 316L is optional.

l     CFC-free, cascade compressor system could cool ice condenser to -80ºC and shelves -50ºC.

l     Hollow shelves with fluid filled, temperature raise by electric heater, during sublimation shelf temperature could programming from -50ºC to +70ºC with accuracy of ±1ºC.

l     4pcs high sensitive temperature probe to monitor raw material temperature data.

l     Edwards or Leybold vacuum pump optional, System final vacuum <1Pa.

l     Inert gas charge function.

l     Acrylic see-through drying house door

l     Acrylic see-through ice condenser door

l     Casters with brake for easy move and set

l     Full Color touch screen controller with LYO-CONTROL:

1> Full Automatic Working and manual working select.

2> Real time display of shelf/ material/ condenser temperature and vacuum level.

3> Real time display parts working status. System total working time and each freeze drying step working time.

4> Creation and storage 32 recipes with up to 36 steps for each recipe. Each step ability to set shelf temperature/ time, ability to set primary and secondary drying vacuum level.

5> Real time display curve, history drying curve/data, USB port is available for data export to U-disk.

l     Sound alarm if any failure happen, failure parts display on screen.

l     PID algorithm combined in PLC module, provide up to 30% energy saving in drying process.

l     Electric defrosting.

l     Patent vapor guidance technology and ice condenser design, strong guarantee ice condenser icing efficient and capacity.

l     PC/Mobile phone connective, data recorder is optional.

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